TODD BENJAMIN Former Anchor and Financial Editor for CNN, Veteran Journalist and Experienced moderator and interviewer

Todd Benjamin is well known to television audiences across the globe. For 26 years he worked as an anchor, correspondent, and financial editor for CNN. During that time he was based in Washington DC, New York, Tokyo, and London.

An award winning journalist, Mr. Benjamin has interviewed Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, as well as several of the world’s leading CEOs.

He continues to appear on CNN as an independent analyst to provide live commentary and analysis, where his views on the global economy, financial markets, Eurozone crisis, and other issues are widely followed.

He works closely with his clients to ensure that their conferences and meetings will be energizing, informative, and effective. He is known for his insightful questions and pacing of events, and the ability to get the panelists to really probe the issues. Organizers he has worked with say they are impressed with how closely he works with them, how easy he is to work with and how well he connects with the audience. As one client says, his moderation technique made sure that everybody was involved and more importantly energized—–in fact a quote from one of the CEO’s was that’’ the whole room became a panel.’’

Speech Topics Include:

Global Economic Issues

The Eurozone Crisis: Postponing the Day of Reckoning

Leadership from the Trenches