TERRY JONES Founder/ Former CEO of Travelocity.com, Former CIO at American Airlines Sabre and Chairman of Kayak.com

Terry Jones founded Travelocity.com. He led the company as President and was Chief Executive Officer from its founding until May 2002. Previously, Jones served as Chief Information Officer at Sabre Inc. In his 24 years at Sabre, Jones held various executive positions including President of Computer Services, Vice President of Applications Development and Vice President of Product Development.

The Business of Innovation

The business of innovation explores the fundamentals of innovation…how to generate great ideas, how to ””fail fast””, how to kill projects without killing people. how to experiment and ””do more with less””. Terry provides real world examples drawn from his experience at Travelocity.com, the boards of seven startups and his consulting work with companies large and small. Many speakers talk about the future. Terry gives your audience step by step plans to create it.


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