DEREK DALY — MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER & AUTHOR OF – Race to Win: How to Become a Complete Champion Driver

Great race drivers win races and the occasional title. Juan Montoya, Kimi Räikkönen, and Tony Stewart are all examples of great drivers who will win, given the right car and team environment. Complete champions win year after year and are more often than not in the title hunt at the end of each season. Drivers like Dale Earnhardt Sr., Michael Schumacher, Mario Andretti, and Jeff Gordon are perennial favorites and “complete champions” who always find a way to make it to the front of the pack.

What separates these drivers from their peers is a raw talent and courage to drive the car to its limit, combined with a special ability to work with a team to develop and engineer a car to run up front consistently.

daly derek bookIn Race to Win, world-class race car driver, commentator, and entrepreneur Derek Daly draws on his research and firsthand experience with some of the legends of auto racing to explain why some individuals and teams reach their potential and others fail. In this unique analysis of the mechanics of success and the principles of sustained high performance, Daly outlines the six key aspects of becoming a more complete race car driver. He describes the strengths and weaknesses of different star drivers and details how these come into play in creating a sustainable champion.

Designed to give a never-before-seen view of the makeup of a true motorsports champion, this book offers insight to dedicated race fans and concrete advice to aspiring drivers, parents, and team managers.

Formula 1 and Indy Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, International Racing Champion.