About CAG

At Collaborative Agency Group we are proud of what we do. With over 30 years of combined experience working with many of the world””s top talents in the fields of politics, entertainment, sports, business, economics, motivation, music, and media, we have been privileged to be at the forefront of current events. Our direct access to these incredible talents and thought leaders has allowed us to bring the very best presenters to our customers and their audiences around the globe.

As proud as we are of the work we do with these great talents, we are equally proud of the work we do with our customers. Working with organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to universities, trade associations, and groups from all across the spectrum, we get to keep our fingers on the pulse of the issues that are important to them and what is driving their discussions.

Our unique position in the middle allows us to collaborate with our customers to ensure the right selection for their events. The most important goal for CAG is to ensure that our customers”” audiences leave their event feeling enriched in some way. If we accomplish this goal, then we have achieved success.

CAG understands that our success hinges on two great forces – relationships and reputation. Every conversation and every transaction we engage in is driven by our determination to preserve and enhance both. We are determined to make our customers”” collaboration with us enjoyable, simple, and memorable. Additionally, we understand and respect our customers”” need to ensure they are getting value with their event budgets. We take this need very seriously, and always endeavor to identify the perfect fit that is either on or below budget. As a collaborator and partner in our customers”” events, their success is our success.

Collaborative Agency Group was formed with the partnership of Andy Cohen, and Tom Najemy. Each has spent many years in the entertainment industry, as well as the speaking/lecture industry, and saw how they could bring a great value to the marketplace. Having collaborated over many years they realized their values and goals were aligned, and that by combining their collective experiences and knowledge, they could create a partnership that would put emphasis on great service to their customers.

Andy Cohen | Managing Partner CAG

Andy Cohen | Managing Partner CAG